FAS LPG Dispensers for Internal Fuel Gas Filling Stations with Card System Print

LPG-Dispenser FAS-420_L / FAS-430_L LPG-Dispenser FAS-430_L LPG Dispenser FAS-420 with card system LPG-Dispenser FAS-430 with Transponder
LPG-Dispenser FAS-420_L/FAS-430_L
LPG-Dispenser FAS-430_L
LPG-Dispenser FAS-420
with card system
LPG-Dispenser FAS-430
with Transponder

FAS-dispensers with integrated card system are particularly suitable for management of cost centers or for discharge to third parties such like staff members of fleet operators. These dispensers include a corresponding evaluation software enabling user to evaluate the carried out fuel-fillings by means of the field-programmable data stored and to balance them accordingly in the inventory control program. This evaluation software includes as well an optional independent invoicing.

Our FAS-dispensers are available in following executions:

 - LPG dispenser FAS-420 with one hose and card system Hectronic 2331, suitable for calibration

 - LPG dispenser FAS-440 with two hoses and card system, Hectronic 2331, suitable for calibration

 - Executions always depend on local requirements in customer´s country. Other card systems available on request.

Options and configurations of our FAS-dispensers:

 - FAS-dispenser may be manufactured and supplied according to coloring and design specified

 - Optional FAS-hose retraction system, shear coupling system and emergency shutdown

 - Possible control systems:
   > only external switch cabinet: FAS-420, 440

 - Following meters are available:
   > Piston meter FAS-MK-III-S with mechanical seal (2 piston system)
   > Piston meter FAS-MK-III-S-M with magnetic coupling (2 piston system)
   > Piston meter FAS-Y-I with magnetic coupling (4 piston system)
   > Coriolis-flow meter FAS LPG-Mass 8FE15

 - Possible data connections and release for refueling process:

Data recall Release for refueling process
Type Data
Magnetic card Transponder
FAS-420 X X X X X
FAS-440 X X X X X

Additionally we offer the following:

- Planning and turnkey project handling

- Complete installation and commissioning

- Service and maintenance

LPG-Dispenser FAS-430_L
LPG-Dispenser FAS-420_L / FAS-430_L