Press release

MAKEEN Energy strengthens its gas equipment division with the acquisition of German FAS Flüssiggas Anlagen GmbH

MAKEEN Energy has signed an agreement on 7 th November to acquire FAS Flüssiggas Anlagen GmbH and closing of the deal will take place before early January 2024. This newest acquisition is aimed at strengthening the global
business and network of the group’s gas equipment division, MAKEEN Gas Equipment.

Reinforcing global presence and volume

FAS Flüssiggas Anlagen GmbH (based in Salzgitter, Germany) will in the future be part of the international, Denmark-based company MAKEEN Energy. FAS thus becomes the latest branch of MAKEEN Energy’s trading division, MAKEEN Gas Equipment. MAKEEN Gas Equipment supplies gas components and other commodities as well as service and consultancy for the gas industry worldwide.

From the right: Andreas Jeremias, Bo Larsen, Anders C. Anderson, Søren Mikkelsen and Lutz Jeremias

This acquisition opens new possibilities for us in the European, Middle East, Asian and African market and allows us to develop our existing presence and services substantially. I am convinced that this move will lead to an exciting and successful future for both parties.

Bo Larsen, Commercial Director, MAKEEN Energy

Lutz Jeremias and his brother Andreas Jeremias are the previous owners of FAS. They inherited the company from their father, so the family has owned the company in more than 48 years. Lutz Jeremias will continue to lead FAS under the new ownership.

I am thrilled to be able to pass on ownership of FAS to a company that wants to carry our values forward. Joining forces with people as passionate about energy industry success as us is what takes us into the next chapter in our storybook.

Lutz Jeremias, Managing Director, FAS

Mutual advantages and synergies

The acquisition of FAS adds extra volume and new business areas to MAKEEN Gas Equipment. By building on FAS’s physical locations and its strong relations to the market, MAKEEN Gas Equipment can now be further strengthened by adding more self-produced equipment, a wider product portfolio in general, a larger service area thus offering added value to customers – from purchase, consultancy and delivery to installation, and on-site services.

High volume, combined with many years in the business, means that FAS holds a strong position within the industry. FAS and MAKEEN Gas Equipment can, therefore, achieve substantial synergies in relation to the key suppliers, both in terms of higher volume as well as easier daily access to the Germany-based suppliers for the other branches of MAKEEN Gas Equipment.

FAS’ subsidiary company, Ninnelt, will likewise become part of MAKEEN Energy.

Facts about MAKEEN Energy a/s

  • The MAKEEN Energy group joins MAKEEN Gas Solutions, MAKEEN Cryo, MAKEEN Gas Equipment and MAKEEN EnviroTech under the same roof.
  • Together, these companies and brands make it possible for MAKEEN Energy a/s to provide 360-degree energy solutions of every kind – Cylinder filling equipment, liquefaction of biogas plants, plastic waste conversion plants, gas equipment of every kind, customer service and spare parts and much more.
  • MAKEEN Energy a/s is owned by Saudi Al-Ayuni Investment & Contracting Co.

Facts about FAS Flüssiggas Anlagen GmbH

  • FAS Flüssiggas Anlagen GMBH was established in 1975 in Salzgitter in Germany
  • FAS specializes in the development and production of technological equipment for the oil and gas industry.
  • FAS created new segment developments for LNG, SNG and equipment for industrial applications.