Valves for Cryogenic Cylinder Service

REGO Cryogenic Cylinder Equipment - Distribution through FAS

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REGO Short Stem Cryogenic Valves Series T9450 & T9460


The T9450 and T9460 series valves are designed for use on portable cryogenic cylinders and other in-line shut-off valve applications. T9460 Series Approved for TPED in accordance with EN1626.

Download data sheet REGO Series Series T9450 & T9460

Executions of the REGO Series T9450 & T9460

  • REGO T9452
  • REGO T9453
  • REGO T9454
  • REGO T9464CA
  • REGO T9464DA
  • REGO T9464ADA
REGO Extended Stem Valves Series ES8450, BK9450, BK9470


For use as a trycock valve or hose drain valve on cryogenic tanks, or as a use, liquid fill, or vent valve on mini-bulk cryogenic tanks. These valves can be used also for other cold gas applications requiring extended stem valves as LNG fueling.

Download data sheet REGO Series ES8450, BK9450, BK9470

Executions of the series REGO ES8450, BK9450, BK9470

  • REGO ES8452
  • REGO TES8452
  • REGO ES8453
  • REGO TES8453
  • REGO ES8454
  • REGO TES8454
  • REGO BK9452
  • REGO BK9453
  • REGO BK9454
  • REGO BK9453FA
  • REGO BK9475A