SLIDING VANE PUMPS Z2000; Z3200; Z3500; Z4200; Z4500

Application: LPG Road Tanker - LPG Terminals



A new generation of Corken pumps
The CORKEN pumps Z-Series are a new generation of truck pumps specifically designed to comply with the pumping requirements demanded by the LPG industry. Bulk delivery of LPG requires the use of heavy duty, reliable equipment and is an important part of every LPG marketer. The equipment used in modern bulk trucks must be designed and constructed to perform in a broad spectrum of operating conditions.

Meeting the Demands of Today's Pumping Conditions
The operating conditions of a truck pump are very demanding, and only a pump designed to perform under these extreme conditions can successfully do the job day in and day out. The Corken pumps Z-Series are specifically designed to perform in such severe operating conditions as high differential pressure, pump overspeeding, poor suction conditions and heavy thrust loads associated with a power take-off (PTO) drive system.

  • Controlling thrust loads and cavitation are critical for extended pump life.
  • Large diameter non-metallic pins are not speed sensitive so you can operate the pump at a higher RPM and not damage the pump.
  • High tech materials used on cam and blades extend the life of the pump.
  • Up to 7% or more capacity at 640 RPM.
  • Unlike other three-inch stationary pumps rated at 640 RPM, the Z3500 is rated up to 800 RPM providing higher capacity without damage.
  • Maintenance is made simple. When it becomes necessary to service the pump, all you need to do is remove twelve head bolts to inspect the bearings, seals, sideplates, rotor, vanes and vane drivers.
  • Retrofits the Corken model 1021 pump and other three-inch competitive pumps with little or no change in piping.

Corken pumps Z-Series available in 2”, 3” and 4” sizes known as Z2000; Z3200; Z3500; Z4200; Z4500 pumps


  • Designed for high pressure applications with a maximum working pressure of 27.6 bar
  • Available in foot and truck mounted designs
  • O-ring construction
  • Six vanes/blades design with vane drivers
  • Mechanically seal design with silicon carbide seal seat
  • Depending on the model, available with NPT or Class 300 RF flanges
  • Hydraulic drive option available


  • Pump casing and heads: Ductile iron
  • Cam and sideplates: Gray iron
  • Rotor and flanges: Ductile iron
  • Seal seat: Silicon carbide
  • O-rings: Buna-N, PTFE, Viton®, Neoprene®. (Registered trademark of DuPont)
  • Blades: Advanced polymers


  • Self-adjusting sliding blades and blade drivers maximizes performance
  • Replaceable cam and sideplates and sideplates are reversible for twice the life
  • Removing the pump head gives full access to the internals without disturbing the piping
  • Can handle small amounts of vapor
  • The excellent suction lift is great for clearing suction and discharge lines
  • Internal relief valve is pre-set at the factory and is not adjustable

CORKEN PUMPS  Z2000; Z3200; Z3500; Z4200; Z4500, bare

type FAS-Nr capacity; l/min dif. pressure, bar flanges weight, kg
Z2000 21296 220 10,5 2"NPT 41,2
Z3200 21297 450 8,6 3"ASME F/300-2"NPT 55,6
Z3500 21297 450 8,6 3"NPT 55,6
Z4200 21788 950 8,6 4"ASME/300-2"NPT 113,2
Z4500 21718 950 8,6 4"ASME/300-3"ASME/300 119,5


complete CORKEN pump units  Z2000; Z3500; Z4500.  Designed with E-Motor for stationery application. Designed and manufactured by FAS Germany

consist of: pump+motor +coupling+coupling protection+frame

type FAS-nr capacity, l/min design motor, kW weight, kg
Z2000 212251 220 v-belt drived 5 140
Z2000 21225 220 gear 5 130
Z3500 218089 490 V-belt drived 11 266
Z3500 213160 490 gear 11 243
Z4500 218088 950 V-belt drived 15 332
Z4500 21808 950 gear 15 413


complete CORKEN pump units  Z2000; Z3200; Z4200. designed for road tanker. Designed and manufactured by FAS Germany

consist of: pump+hydraulik engine+coupling+coupling protection

type FAS-nr capacity, l/min oil quantity, l/min oil pressure, bar weight, kg
Z2000 -OM80, 5,5 kW 215720 220 58 100 52
Z3200-OM100, 10kW 21299 450 29 232 57
Z3200-OM80, 8kW 212993 400 52 110 57
Z3500-OM100, 10kW 21299 450 60 140 57



CORKEN Z2000 CORKEN Z32000 CORKEN Z3500 CORKEN Z4200 CORKEN Z4500 FAS-CORKEN Z3200 road tanker design FAS-CORKEN Z3500 road tanker design